• Plant magic essence Starter Kit

Plant magic essence Starter Kit

Essence contains over 20 strains of micro organisms that get to work fast to out-compete leaf diseases.

  •     Forms an effective barrier against airborne pathogenic fungi
  •     Combats existing fungal pathogens
  •     Improves disease and stress resistance 
  •     Produces healthier, more robust growth

The compost tea is activated by adding it to warm water, oxygenating it with an air pump and leaving it to brew overnight.  Once activated the brew can be poured into a spray bottle and applied to the leaves and stems.

  • Use: Spray every 7 days if plants are infected and every 14 days if used as a preventative measure.

*The blend includes Bacillus strains such as B subtilis and B mageterium together with Rhizobia, Azotobacter (nitrogen fixers), Sacchoromyces, trichoderma and other natural strains. There are no pathogens or harmful organisms present.

Plant magic essence Starter Kit

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