• IQ Bloom 5L


Ion Quest IQ Bloom is a highly concentrated (1: 1000) all-in-one high-tech flowering food (NPK 7-15-7) for cultivation on all substrates. IQ Bloom automatically stabilizes the pH value so that you no longer have to adjust it yourself.

For IQ Bloom, we only use the purest and best ingredients, resulting in healthy and lush plants. Moreover, it gives a very good taste and a high yield of the end product.

With IQ Bloom you don't have to use expensive root growth and flowering stimulators.


  • No pH adjustment, it is automatically at the right level
  • Contains Mg (Magnesium) and trace elements
  • Low in chlorine, which makes it possible to cultivate well with a lower EC value, so good taste of the end product and friendly to soil bacteria
  • High yields
  • The entire feeding period 1: 1000 throughout the flowering period

Use and dosage:

Mix with tap water in a ratio of 1: 1000

When used in hydroponics or with coconut substrate (if the tap water contains insufficient calcium), combine IQ Bloom with IQ Calcium.

Content 5L
Dilution 1:1000

IQ Bloom 5L

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