• 4 Pot Dripper (RTW) - Punch Pot & 100L Flexi - EUR

4 Pot Dripper (RTW) - Punch Pot & 100L Flexi - EUR

The grower sets the frequency and duration of the feeds.

At the set times nutrient solution is pumped from the brain to each of the pots where it drips into the top of the pots.  The excess drains through the media into the catchment trays below the pots to prevent waterlogging. At the end of the feed duration, nutrient solution in the catchment trays drains back to the brain and is pumped to waste when the float trigger is reached.

Control Units RTW control brain: IWSP2011E<br> New IWS minute timer – Dripper: IWSP2016E
Fittings Universal Gland: IWSP1301<br> Universal Tee: IWSP1302<br> Universal Elbow: IWSP1303<br> Universal Straight: IWSP1304<br> Copper Insert: IWSP1519<br> Individual pot filter: IWSP1509<br> 4 way dripper manifold: FT020<br> Dripper line – 75cm cut length: IWSP2015<br> 2 L/h arrow drippers: DR105<br> Blue Flood drippers: DR125
Flexible water butts 100L Flexi-Tank (dripper) with NJ3000 pump: IWSD115E<br> 250L Flexi-Tank (dripper) with NJ3000 pump: IWSD116E<br> 400L Flexi-Tank (dripper) with NJ3000 pump: IWSD117E
Kitbags Dripper kitbag – 4 pot starter: IWSP1331<br> Dripper Kitbag – 4 pot addition: IWSP1331A
Pipes Universal pipe – 30M roll (16mm dia): IWSP1305<br> Universal pipe – 15M roll (16mm dia): IWSP1322
System 4 Pot IWS Dripper
Tank Volume 100L
Code IWD04PF100DRE
Pot & Basket Universal stands: IWSP1300<br> Inner pot – punched: IWSP1400<br> Outer pot – drilled: IWSP1403<br> Copper disc 250mm – Punched pots: IWSP1510

4 Pot Dripper (RTW) - Punch Pot & 100L Flexi - EUR

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