With 4 pots and a middle section for salad crops. Waters plants for 2 weeks at a time. Optional lid or mini greenhouse.

A complete vegetable plot perfect for small spaces.

This space-efficeint planter does the watering for you so you get faster growth and bigger harvests!

Grow salad crops in the trough secction, and use the 4 pots for tall plants such as tomatoes, beans and cucumbers. Add water every 10 days.

Perfect watering = bigger crops - Harvests are 2x bigger when grown in this planter compared with grow bags or pots because it maintains perfect soil moisture for 10 days at a time. The soil is never too dry or too wet and the roots have better access to oxygen which fuels faster growth.

  • Space Effecient - Grow salad leaves, radish, garlic and onions as well as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and beans all at the same time in this 1metre long planter!
  • Holiday-Proof - Just add water every 10 days.
  • Back-Saving & Accessible - Place the planter onto a raised platform or table to enable easier access.

How it works:
This perfect moisture is maintained by FeederMats which pull water up from the SmartReservoir into the soil around the roots when the plants need it,always maintaining airgaps that are crucial for plant health. Growing an impressive crop has never been easier.

Your plants will be stronger and healthier because there's no risk of any erratic watering which often causes root rot, split fruit, bolting and wilt.

If you want to grow salads and herbs outdoors all year choose the mini greenhouse option.

What will I receive?

  • Quadgrow-Plus planter
  • Award winning Nutrigrow feed – makes 833 litres of feed.
  • Jargon-free instructions

Quadgrow plus

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