• Smoke bomb  400m3

Smoke bomb 400m3

  • The Fortefog range of midi fumers are HSE approved, tested and licensed for use in the home Orginally designed for professional pest controllers and now approved for amateur DIY use
  • HSE tested and proven to kill Bed Bugs, fleas, moths and many other insects Simply place the foggers on a metal baking tray, open all wardrobes, cupboards and tip the mattress on end.
  • Make all your possessions as accessible to the smoke as possible. Then close all windows and doors. Light the fogger then leave the room for 3-4 hours
  • Any bed bug, moth or insect in the area at the time will be killed.
  • The smoke allows for insecticide to get into cracks and crevices that is simply impossible for humans to reach.

Smoke bomb 400m3

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