•  Hydrosafe 5L


Colloidal Silver for hydro and hydroponic systems. Inhibits algae and bacterial growth.

Ion Quest Hydro Safe colloidal silver consists of highly pure water and nano silver particles having a positive electric charge. These electrically charged silver particles kill only the harmful bacteria and fungi. The benign bacteria are left untouched, because they have a different electrical charge.
Colloidal silver does not harm beneficial organisms. In modern greenhouse culture colloidal silver is been used successfully.
HydroSafe is also ideal for making cuttings and prevent Phytophtera and Fusarium that cause stem rot, yellowing and glazed roots.


Mix 10 ml of Hydro Safe in one liter of water / or 1 liter hydro safe per 100 liters of water.
In hydroponic systems Hydro Safe simply rotates, the plants merely take a nano quantity of silver so it needs only to be replaced once per harvest.

Content 5L
Dilution 1:100

Hydrosafe 5L

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